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The Best Christmas Ever

This may be the Christmas that Peggy was most excited for in years. The gift she had planned for her children and grandchildren was the best… ever.

She celebrated early with most of her family, sharing a holiday dinner together at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. When Peggy gave them each their own copy of her personal history, My Story, they were absolutely thrilled and amazed. They couldn’t wait to get out of there to begin reading. In fact, they wouldn’t keep their noses out of their books long enough to finish dinner.

When the gorgeous books, freshly printed and bound, had arrived the week before, Peggy breathed a sigh of relief. She admitted that she had been apprehensive about the process. Peggy said, “I didn’t know how it would turn out, telling my life story. But the interviews were easy, and it was actually really important to me to tell about my life experiences. I’ve had a hard life and wasn’t sure how much I should tell, but I’ve also been blessed. I actually think I’ve had a really interesting life. And now my grandchildren will know me, in my own words.”

For Peggy’s family, her gift this Christmas has everlasting value.

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