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Our family’s favorite Christmas foods

You might be wondering what food has to do with writing your personal history, or why there is a food blog on a personal history site.

Good question.

A personal history is about capturing the important and special moments of your life and preserving them for others.  What happens at a lot of those special and important moments?  What do we do at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, school graduations, family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, even at funerals?  We eat.

Good food goes hand in hand with many of the exciting times of our lives, and that’s why we are sharing some of our favorites.

None of these are exclusively holiday foods; you could make them any time of the year. But in our family, we usually make them during the holiday season.

A big thanks to the blogs I grabbed these from, and I want to give full credit to them.  If you click the pictures, they will take you to that blog’s homepage, where you will undoubtedly find many more delicious recipes to try.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are four of our family’s favorite dishes.


Homemade snickers bars 

There is nothing I can say that better explains how delicious these are than this picture. They require several steps to make, but are sooo worth it.

Please don’t lick your screen.


Salted Caramel Butter Bars

There is an ongoing battle in our house about the proper pronunciation of the word “caramel,”  as well as an undying love for the stuff.


Black Bean, Sweet Potato and Chicken Chili

We discovered the flavor pairing of sweet potatoes and black beans a few years ago, so we are always looking for recipes that use both.  This chili is a perfect fit for cold nights when you need something to warm you up.  This has a bit of Mexican flare to it, and you can add more heat if you want.



Monkey Bread AKA “pull aparts”

This has been a Christmas morning staple at our house for most of our married life. Hilarie’s mom made it when she was growing up, and her mother made it before that, so it’s a long-standing tradition.  Her family calls the recipe “pull aparts” because that’s what Grandma Cannon called it. We use frozen Rhodes rolls instead of the Pillsbury cans. We tried it once with homemade dough & it wasn’t the same for some reason.  My wife also sprinkles about a half a package of cooked-type (not instant) butterscotch pudding mix in with the cinnamon coating.


What foods does your family make during the holiday season?


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