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Some Blessings Come Early, Some Blessings Come Late, Some Come All Along the Way

I love this kind of phone call. A client who has become a dear friend (funny how that happens in this line of work!) was excited to tell me about the surprise 80th birthday celebration her family held for her on Thanksgiving. Along with the sheer joy of being with her children and grandchildren and even 2 great grandchildren, she felt so loved as they played a game of Jeopardy with trivia questions from her life. And where did the questions and answers come from? Her beautiful hardbound personal history book.

My friend’s spirit soared as she saw her family all knew the answers and they were clamoring for the chance to respond. They had all read her book. Even her son-in-law. She said, “How would they know these things about my life if I hadn’t written them down and shared them? They wouldn’t.” This sweet experience was possible because she made it a priority to write her experiences and feelings.

This same friend shared on another occasion how a specific decision she made as a young bride—and wrote in her history—inspired her granddaughter to have the courage to make a similar decision shortly after her marriage.

Some blessings come early, some come late. Some come all along the way and are multiplied in ways we never expected. My friend knew her history would be of value… someday. She is thrilled to realize that someday is now and the impact of her life story is already having a snowball effect, with its value ever-growing.

Your legacy tale will be a blessing in un-imagined ways. Don’t leave your tale untold…


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