We are honored to be featured on the latest @happyplayces podcast! Follow the link below and listen to Hilarie and host Katy talk about making and keeping memories; documenting family life through stories, video, and audio; goal setting; living intentionally to create the life you want; celebrating kids’ birthdays; and more!

Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode and visit www.happyplayces.com for more great content focused on finding happiness as a family!!


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family planning retreat

Why you should hold an intentional family planning retreat (with free downloads!) 4

Be intentional… no regrets Intentional family life and deliberate parenting are buzzwords that only have meaning if we take action. For our family, intentional decision-making is a high priority because we want to minimize the regrets and maximize the relationships during our time of active parenting with children at home. […]

How Storytelling Creates Stronger Families

The disappearing art of family storytelling is a critical part of strong family foundations. Children who learn from family storytelling tend to be more resilient and better able to overcome challenges. They have higher self-esteem and feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Children with these qualities are […]

Family Strong

RootsTech 2017 recap – stuff we liked

RootsTech 2017 In case you were unaware, RootsTech 2017- the largest family history conference in the world – was last week (Feb. 8-11). Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll have some in-depth posts about new and improved ways to capture and preserve personal and family stories and narratives. In the meantime, […]

Main hallway at RootsTech