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Why I’m living deliberately by spending money and making memories now, not waiting for tomorrow

Are you ever surprised when you look back and realize how you’ve completely shifted your mindset on something? Did you used to have a stronghold on one position and somehow, remarkably, over time did an “about-face?”

That has happened with me, and, interestingly, it’s because of my work with Legacy Tale.

Now I spend money. Shocker, huh?!?

I used to be a saver. Don’t get me wrong. I still believe in saving money for a variety of reasons. However, I’ve decided it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And when it means delaying making memories with loved ones, I’ve changed my tune.

My severe attitude to frugality and saving money meant that I was always waiting for a future day to do the things I want to with my family… to go on vacations, to make memories, to do the activities we’ve dreamed together. I thought we had to wait until we had “enough” money or had reached a certain milestone, or met some other defined or undefined arbitrary rule.

But my work with Legacy Tale- helping good people recall the past and reflect on the present- has taught me many things, not the least of which is that NOW is the time to make memories. And if that means spending money, I’m all for it. To be clear, I’m NOT talking about going into debt. But, for my family at least, I am talking about significantly re- prioritizing and rethinking what’s important.

Fun at the beach... argh! Make memories now. You make memories. We make them last.

Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.

~Chinese Proverb

We never know when the time will be past. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We do know that the people we love are here with us now. So now is the time to make time for them. I’ve battled with enough regrets in my life to know I don’t want to lose opportunities with my loved ones that will have lasting value… even eternal impact.

I realize, of course, that grand memories can be and are made without spending a dime, and I’m absolutely in favor of that, too. But sometimes we have to travel to be with loved ones that live far away. Or choosing to experience a new place together opens our eyes to experience each other in new and better ways. And getting away from routine on a vacation large or small can be the recipe for truly quality time without everyday demands and distractions. So go. Do. Enjoy. Live!

That’s how I’ve been changed by Legacy Tale.

My family will only be at this stage and these ages for a short time. I want to drink in every experience and every moment of this while I can. Maybe in the future I won’t have to pinch pennies when I grocery shop and it will be more comfortable to spend money. And I’ll be able to reach some of the “bigger” dreams that practicality still puts out of reach even with my shifted mindset.

But regardless, I am confident I will never regret a penny- or a moment- I spend making memories with those I love more than life itself.

I may always wish I had more money in my bank account. But I’m determined I won’t wish away this precious time with my family. I will seize every opportunity to spend time with them in ways that strengthen our relationships, that build our faith and love, and help us craft our family legacy. And if that means spending money even when finances are tight, then so be it.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t put off experiences and opportunities for another day when some arbitrary goal or milestone of income or savings has been reached.

Live deliberately. Live now.

Minutes are worth more than money. Spend them wisely.

~Thomas P. Murphy


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