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#LIGHTtheWORLD by interviewing parents and grandparents

FREE PRINTABLE for interviewing parents or grandparents!

We’re excited to participate in the LDS Church’s #LighttheWorld campaign for December, and TODAY’s focus is “Jesus honored his parents and so can you.” We’re making it easy with a printable for children (or grownups!) to interview their parents or grandparents. It’s just a simple ten questions that will get them talking together and learning more about their lives.

For Christmas this year in our family, we are focusing on gifts of presence rather than presents,i.e. meaningful experiences rather than “stuff.” You know, “collect memories not things.” So… I was already planning a way for our children to interview their grandparents, then hold a special “Grandparent Night” to celebrate them. And today is the perfect day to do it, in keeping with #LighttheWorld!

So download the simple interview questionnaire here (no email required), then use that precious family history info however you like. In our family, we’ll use it to honor grandparents with a celebration focused around all of their “favorites.” We’ll also record the interview session and preserve and share it. You may also consider adding it to Family Search as a memory.

Gathering family history from living loved ones is a fantastic opportunity to learn about their memories while making new ones together. Win-Win!!

I hope this is helpful. I’d love to hear how you use and share the memories you collect to honor parents and grandparents.  Feel free to share this on Facebook and invite your friends to use the simple interview with their family.

Thanks for joining me this holiday season!



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