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record veteran stories memories

Honor vets by recording their stories

We revere them by remembering them.

We celebrate them when we hold sacred their stories and their sacrifice.

We honor veterans by recording their stories.

Gene was eager to join the fight in 1943. He enlisted as a Marine at age 16. His World War II memories are many and varied, from lighthearted to painful. For decades he struggled with physical after-affects, and he still remembers remarkable details. At age 90, Gene is a willing and colorful storyteller.

“I was exposed to radiation at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When that hit me, it hit us all, we just collapsed and woke up days later in the hospital. I was sent back to the states and spent a lot of time in the hospital. Nobody knew we would get sick. We were at sea when they dropped the bombs. I remember they announced over the intercom that it looked like the Japanese were going to surrender. About a day later we pulled into Nagasaki Bay. That was a terrible thing. There were bodies floating in the water. Everything was destroyed. The buildings were still burning…”

Read more of Gene’s stories about serving in the Pacific theater during World War II HERE.

record veteran memories stories Legacy Tale

We know Gene’s stories because we asked.

If you don’t ask the veterans in your family, who will?

Don’t let their stories die with them.

It’s simple to sit down and listen and record. You’ll both be better for it. And you represent all of us as a grateful nation in capturing their memories. For questions to ask veterans, download our FREE PROMPTS FOR VETERANS by clicking the button below.*

Click for Free Prompts for Veterans

Happy Memorial Day. May we record so we never forget.

Don’t leave their tales untold…

*The writing/interview prompts for veterans are a bonus module within the Guided Tale Membership; join today for complete access to write your full life story or interview a loved one.

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