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Messages from loved ones gone before: Why sharing and curating family history memories AND mementos is important

“I think I’ll keep Dad’s scriptures myself. Priceless!”

This was a text message from my Mom the morning after I sent her home with Grandpa’s scriptures, old and covered with worn, black leather zip-cases. She had been thinking of giving them to one of my brothers, but decided against it after looking through them and reading the extensive notes in the margins and even across passages.

Ronald Cannon's scriptures with margin notes

I thought she would like to take a look.

Grandpa lived with me for about a year as his Alzheimer’s developed, and I still have a room full of “stuff” to distribute. Some of his belongings sat here unnoticed for five years. Yet when I made the effort to share them, it was deemed “priceless.”

Sharing and curating family history memories and mementos is important. That’s why we founded Legacy Tale.

My mom didn’t know she was missing anything, but when she had a chance to read her Dad’s scripture insights written in his own hand, she realized it was a treasure she wanted to cherish and hold and savor. It was like a message left just for her by her father. It was an opportunity to still learn from him and feel close to him even though he’s no longer with us.

One of the writing prompts in our Personal History Guided Tale asks what is written in the margins of your scriptures. Could your written wisdom be a gift from beyond the grave to a loved one?

What messages do you want to leave for your posterity? What messages do you wish you had from your loved ones who have gone ahead?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below. Was this helpful? If so, I’d really appreciate you sharing on Facebook.

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