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Focusing on the Essentials – December 2015

The month of December represents an incredible opportunity to make memories!  But as everyone knows, it is also a very busy month.  So rather than recommend you do more this month, we at Legacy Tale encourage you to actually do less, by deciding what is— and then focusing on— the essentials.


Here is a short list of possible things that are keeping you busy right now.  By no means is this complete, but here goes:

  • Travel to see family (or maybe you’re staying put but others are coming to you).
  • Parties and feasts.  Thanksgiving, Christmas parties (work, school, church, family, friends…)
  • shopping for all that food
  • baking and cooking all that food
  • eating all that food
  • wishing you’d stop eating all that food (but soldiering on anyway)
  • Christmas shopping
  • Christmas decorating
  • Children or grandchildren activities.  Winter sports are in full swing now; there are also plays, concerts, school and church activities.
  • Family holiday traditions
  • Everyday life that still has to happen


With all that is going on, we recommend focusing on the essentials, so you aren’t overwhelmed.  The trick is deciding what is essential and what is not.  This is a personal decision, so what is right for one may not be right for another.

Start by asking yourself, “What one or two things do I HAVE to accomplish today?  What one or two things do I WANT to do today?”  Sometimes what we have to do and want to do are the same thing, so asking these questions will give us 1-4 things to focus on that day.  Call those the day’s essentials, then focus on them.


With everything that happens this month, it may not be realistic to spend time writing about the happenings and traditions of the Christmas season, so if you don’t get to it, don’t worry.  We do recommend having a camera handy to take pictures of all those fun holiday events and traditions.  Since writing might not happen until later, here’s a secret that will help:

Use the 3 word trick:

  • When something special happens or a loved one says something you want to remember, jot down a 3-word prompt that will later trigger your memory. You can do this in a free notekeeping app on your phone or in a small notebook you keep with you.
  • This also works for pictures taken on phones and tablets.  After taking a picture, look at it in the photo viewer.  There is an info section where you can add notes for the image.
  • Once things have settled down (or even better, schedule a quiet Sunday afternoon mid-holiday), go back through your 3-word notes and pictures and use those as writing prompts to properly record the memory in detail.


It does take some time to tell your tale, but doing so is time well spent. You and your children will never regret your efforts to leave a legacy of faith.


In closing, food plays a big role in Christmas celebrations.  If you’re looking for some great recipes to try, keep an eye out for a blog post next week where we will share some of our favorite holiday meals and treats.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Ben and Hilarie


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