E-book : The Complete Guide to Google Photos


Learn how to use Google Photos to easily manage, group and share all your digital photos.


Tame the unorganized photo beast. Use Google Photos.

How many digital photos do you have? How many printed (pre-digital camera) photos do you have?

Are they organized? Can you quickly find the photos from your daughter's first birthday or pictures from Christmas morning last year? Or what about your great grandparents on their wedding day?


Imagine being able to find those photos (and videos), add them to a digital album, and share them... all in only a couple of minutes... with a FREE tool from Google. We'll show you how in simple language and clear steps.

I love what you guys are doing to help families utilize technology seamlessly in their family history endeavors! Your e-books are awesone.

Rachel LaCour-Niesen
Save Family Photos

Organize current and future photos

How would it be to know that pictures you take in the future can be organized for you virtually on auto-pilot?

Maybe you've heard of Google Photos; perhaps you've even used it to look at photos on your phone. Google Photos is much more than a photo viewing app or website. It's a complete photo curation system. Best of all, it's free. We'll show you how to take advantage of all its powerful features to manage and share your precious memories.

With this e-book, you can organize your photos with expert know-how from Legacy Tale. Filled with comprehensive, detailed and easy-to-understand instructions-- including screen shots and graphics to show you just where to type, click and press-- we teach you how to use Google Photos as a fantastic tool for both past and present pictures.

In this 67-page PDF e-book, we'll show you how to

Get organized - fast

Quickly organize your digital photos by date, place, person...or even events and objects (in the photos)!

Stay organized - easily

Keep future pictures organized the same way, with little time spent managing them.

Share with family

Share and update photos and entire albums without sending huge attachments through email.

Digitize old photos

Convert old printed photos to digital photos using your phone or flatbed scanner, and get them organized.

Quickly create new albums

Get all your digital photos organized and curated in minutes (maybe hours), instead of days (or months).

Have Photos manage backups

No longer worry about having a backup of all your precious photos.

To get started on organizing your photos, click the button below. You'll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to tame the photo beast using Google Photos.

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