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Are you looking for help and inspiration to preserve and pass down your family’s legacy?

If your goal is to preserve your family stories, you’re in the right place!

Legacy Tale is all about inspiring and guiding people to make and keep memories, then share them with loved ones. We harness the power of storytelling and technology to strengthen families across generations.

How I became a Keeper of Memories

You could say I became a “memory keeper” the same way most other women do: I became a mother. And I desperately wanted to freeze time with each child at each stage, but found it impossible. So I learned to embrace each new stage while documenting and recording those moments I want to cherish forever.podcast interview

However, it wasn’t until a few years later, when an older couple at my church asked for help editing and publishing a personal history, that I began to really be strategic about making, keeping and sharing memories.

I quickly realized that I could help others preserve and share their stories and at the same time become better at shaping and curating my personal and family story.

What started as a part-time hobby turned into a full-time business for my husband and me when he left his job in 2015.

I am passionate about motivating and helping people record and preserve their stories! In addition to the obvious blessings for generations to come, I love that the art of family storytelling has wonderful healing effects for us and strengthening power for our families– right now.

Additionally, as we reflect on and learn from the past, we become more intentional about the future. All of that is really important to me. If you’re here, I suspect it’s important to you, too.

I Want to Live Without Regrets

Though a life entirely without regrets is impossible, I want to minimize lost opportunities. I want to  live intentionally, acting to choose my priorities and experiences rather than just passively letting life happen. That’s one of the tremendous blessings of memory-keeping; I recognize more clearly what is of greatest worth, and I work hard to align my time and energy with my values, especially my family and faith.

It is so incredible to be a part of others’ “a-ha” moments when they, too, realize the value of family stories, and shift their future choices because of what they learned from the past.

How Can I Help You?

Most first-time visitors to Legacy Tale have the same challenge with personal and family history: lack of time. There are so many things – important things – that are demanding our time that preserving those memories just doesn’t seem to fit in. Remember that it’s about priorities. We can’t make more time, but we can choose how we spend it. And I can help you spend your limited time more strategically.

Sifting through all your photos (especially now when it’s so easy to take dozens of the exact same photo on your phone)… deciding what to keep and delete… then capturing the story of that photo; talking with family members and capturing their stories and memories… these are all time consuming and seem so monumental that it’s impossible to know where to start.

There is a saying I’m sure you’ve heard:

Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time.

To break the family and personal history elephant into manageable portions, we’ve created different categories of free content to help you here at Legacy Tale:

Looking for a way to organize your photos? Do you already have stories you want to share? Click any of the links to see the posts and resources we have for you.

These categories are visible on the left side of all posts.

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