Who’s your hero? Why answering this question matters

Who is your hero? Pondering and answering this question for yourself is a meaningful exercise, and asking loved ones the same question can provide amazing insight…   My daughter taught me a priceless lesson when she presented this partially-completed masterpiece. I could tell right away who she had drawn (though, […]

who's your hero?

How Storytelling Creates Stronger Families

The disappearing art of family storytelling is a critical part of strong family foundations. Children who learn from family storytelling tend to be more resilient and better able to overcome challenges. They have higher self-esteem and feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Children with these qualities are […]

Family Strong

Why you should hold an intentional family planning retreat (with free downloads!) 4

Be intentional… no regrets Intentional family life and deliberate parenting are buzzwords that only have meaning if we take action. For our family, intentional decision-making is a high priority because we want to minimize the regrets and maximize the relationships during our time of active parenting with children at home. […]

family planning retreat