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We are honored to be featured on the latest @happyplayces podcast! Follow the link below and listen to Hilarie and host Katy talk about making and keeping memories; documenting family life through stories, video, and audio; goal setting; living intentionally to create the life you want; celebrating kids’ birthdays; and more!

Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode and visit for more great content focused on finding happiness as a family!!

Why you should hold an intentional family planning retreat (with free downloads!) 1

Be intentional… no regrets Intentional family life and deliberate parenting are buzzwords that only have meaning if we take action. For our family, intentional decision-making is a high priority because we want to minimize the regrets and maximize the relationships during our time of active parenting with children at home. […]

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How to finalize your personal history for printing: Part 1- Editing and finalizing text

Part 1 in a series of posts to help you finalize your personal history for printing You have accomplished an amazing work—a legacy—in writing your personal history. Your children and grandchildren will be forever grateful for this priceless gift! So don’t leave it locked on your computer… Let’s prepare your […]

how to edit your personal history

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RootsTech 2017 recap – stuff we liked

RootsTech 2017 In case you were unaware, RootsTech 2017- the largest family history conference in the world – was last week (Feb. 8-11). Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll have some in-depth posts about new and improved ways to capture and preserve personal and family stories and narratives. In the meantime, […]