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Is a video worth a thousand words?

I guess we’ll find out. 🙂

The new video we just added to our home page is actually about 200 words, and we had to travel all the way to Texas to make it, so hopefully its value will appreciate!

We had lots of excuses for traveling to Texas and used it as our family Christmas gift. It was awesome! I have to say, I highly recommend family travel that combines work, school, and play.

One of our work “to dos” we were able to accomplish was shooting several Legacy Tale promotional and educational videos with Ben’s brother Brandon, who has skills, equipment, and a videography business with very cool personal and family history services. I can assure you that capturing a loved one’s life story on camera with timecap.sl will be worth more than a thousand words. Telling and preserving your tale in print or on video is truly a gift of immeasurable value.

My video shoot came on the night of our arrival, after a long day of lengthy travel by car and plane. So…. I don’t feel like I was at the top of my game for performance or appearance, but my “business manager” (AKA husband) insisted that “some video is better than no video!” I hope he’s right.




Rebecca's video prompts

What actually is worth more than a thousand words to me is this great set of talking points spontaneously created by my 7-year-old on a large white board as we were setting up lights and cameras for the video shoot. This is priceless. Wow, she must really have her eyes and ears open. My Legacy Tale marketing indoctrination is effective with her, anyway!


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