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7 ways to manage your photo library

Ah, photo management. How I love, er, hate...okay. I love photos, but HATE keeping them organized. Fortunately, technology makes photo management much easier, you just have to know where to start. That's often the hardest part, and that's what we aim to accomplish with these 7 great tips for digital photo library management.

  • 1. Use a photo manager app 
  • 2. your phone is a scanner
  • 3. Include details
  • 4. Use cloud storage
  • 5. metadata is your friend
  • 6. clean as you go
  • 7. make photo books
Wait, I thought this was about digital preservation?

It is, but there is still room for printed photos, especially if they are in a nicely bound book.

There are many options to choose from like Shutterfly, Blurb, and even Google is getting in on the act now.

While photo management apps and cloud storage make it easier than ever to share photos - they're especially great if you're sharing with friends and family who live far away - there is still something about a physical book you can hold and look at with other people.

How we do family photobooks

Our family likes to make annual photo books, as well as vacation or special occasion photo books.

If you've ever made a photo book using one of the aforementioned services, you know that it is fairly time consuming. In fact it is a labor of love, which is why we only do the ones we do.

Having these photo books is a great way to not only preserve those memories, but to relive them. Set them on the coffee or end table and people will pick them up and look through them. They are a great way to relive memories, strengthen friendships and even shorten (or end) fights.

When you make photo books, limit the scope. If it's for an entire year, include just the highlights. If it's for an event, vacation or special occasion, limit the book to just that.


Hopefully these tips give you some new ideas and/or motivation to get organized. While it does take a commitment to get and keep your photo library organized, it's not nearly as difficult as it used to be. Still have a question? Scroll to the bottom and click the "Contact Us" link. We'd love to help you make and keep memories.

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