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What Three Elements Can You Find in Every Strong Family?

Strong families are made of strong individuals who feel loved and love one another (even when they seem like they are going to kill one another). This bond is built through shared experiences, on a foundation of family stories. Smart parents know there are three things they can do to bind their family together:

  1. They are intentional about making memories: doing activities together that are fun for them and spread happiness to others.
  2. They spend time preserving those memories: capturing and retelling those stories from their own life and those who came before them.
  3. Strong families understand that both making and preserving memories are time consuming, but worth it. They prioritize what matters most and use modern technology as a tool to reduce their time demands.

At Legacy Tale, we help you do all three so you can enjoy a strong, happy family life. We harness the power of storytelling and technology to strengthen families across generations. 

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